With Tanaóra: ‘Día Real’


Fronted by the ridiculously versatile multi-lingual singer/songwriter Cecilia Engelhart, Tanaóra is a sextet which blends Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Caribbean, and American jazz and popular styles. Even though I’m listing this under ‘sideman’ projects, I co-produced the recording and was co-leader at the time. I played piano and keyboards, contributed to the arrangements, engineered countless hours of overdubs (percussion, piano, voice, saxes, guitars) and editing, and assisted with the mixing and mastering. I think it turned out pretty nicely! The clips here feature my piano solos; check out additional ones at the iTunes store.

Cecilia Engelhart – voice
Bob Karty – piano, keyboards
Michael Spiro – percussion
David Belove – bass
Paul Van Wageningen – drums
Ron Stallings – soprano & tenor saxophones